5 Reasons to Run Marketing Campaign with Vending Machine

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When we start a business, we tend to have picked a niche for our brand. This will make it easier to target the type of consumers so we can efficiently manage the marketing system for each campaign. Beauty brands, for instance, may start their campaigns or brandings with beauty influencers. They send pre-launched products for these internet superstars to try. These influencers then will tell-tale on the gifted products to their followers. In doing so, everyone will get the idea on how the product looks like, how the result looks like, even before the product itself hits the stores nationwide. And since today everyone uses the internet, especially social media, this type of campaign will thrive. But what if a brand wants to reach older generations who barely use the social media? Or maybe an upcoming brand who just started and wants to reach out more customers?

The idea is to place advertisements, as always. Maybe a huge billboard on the bus, or a small, printed advertisement attribute, or even as far as commercial breaks. It is no secret that these can suck dry the money you invested for your business, be it a short term or long. It is the dream to have a branding that is unique to your brand’s theme and vision.

Technology is something you want to work around these issues. Combining your business with technology can help you in new directions. Now, what’s the hottest tool can you get these days to sell products and look cool while doing so? You have probably heard about vending machines, right? Right now, you wonder why a vending machine is in question. In a broader vision, at some point you want your brand to have a brick-and-mortar store. To set the bar higher, maybe you even dream of having a flagship store for your brand. A vending machine can display your products without hurting your dream. And that, my friend, you came to read the right article. We will spill some best-kept secrets (well, not a secret anymore) on campaigning and branding your business, with a vending machine as your one and only tool.

dior vending machine

1. Easier access, no excess.

Once you set your brand to be out there, you kind of want the products to be seen as frequent as possible. Seeing the product over the smartphone or computer screen may not share the same idea with seeing the product right in front of your eyes. Having these products on display, placed in the middle of shopping centres, will get the attention your brand deserves. A vending machine can display rows of your products without having to look up online.

make over vending machine

2. Visually pleasing, no teasing.

The customized design on the vending machine can make your brand stand out even more. Say your products mainly themed somewhere in the blue colour spectrum, and you want your vending machine looks blue (no pun intended). You can custom the image of your brand with the vending machine. Make the machine looks yours, dare we say. The ideas are limitless. Put on huge stickers, a nice neon lamp, anything is possible. You can read more about customizing your vending machine.

3. Always on display, never out of play.

You have shot your products that are meant as advertising attributes, but want more than just a social media exposure? Well, not to brag, you can do that too on these vending machines. The smart vending machine has an LCD display that can play endless repeats of your videos, gifs, or image slideshow. Using the cloud system, you can easily market your brands. Even when you are at home or somewhere else.

4. The greater exposure, the better composure.

Having a vending machine on display somewhere in the middle of public spaces or shopping malls can get your brand a better exposure. That also means, you get to do a free people-friendly advertising without laying a finger. And it gets better if your photogenic vending machine looks good together with the surrounding area, or if it fits right in the alley of insta-worthy aesthetics. People take photos, they share them online, maybe you can put some hashtags to go with the photo-taking trend so both your brand and the vending machine can gain even more attention.

5. No store, but can still be out-of-door.

In the future you might want to have your own store. But why wait any longer when you can start right away with similar experience. Putting your products on display can be a safe bet to create a branding on your business. Maybe when your brand is mentioned, a vending machine will come to mind. You can sell your products without a store and still gain the right niche of your customers with the vending machine being out there. And who knows, as the business gets better and better, you get to have your own store one day. Or maybe you can have two or three vending machines, that is also a choice.

We all know you want your business to target the right audiences with campaigns and marketing tactics. And in this pandemic era, it is even harder to get your brand as reachable as possible. People will want touchless interactions. Starting a store also must deal with limiting the visitor number and the store hours. A vending machine does not have to deal with these issues. It is more practical and easier on the eye, too. So, why start later when you can start now?

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Original article is posted on February 18, 2022 by Nadhiya Pradhanitasari.



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